Why choose Cleveland Auto Wholesale?

Cleveland Auto Wholesale began serving Northeast Ohio in 1985. Since then, we’ve witnessed a lot of things change. From the technology that powers the vehicles we sell, to the rules and laws that govern our best practices one thing has remained the same for all this time, our commitment to our clients.

Over 30 years in business we’ve learned that the most important person in our building is our customer. Our staff is trained to always approach any situation with the customers wants and needs in mind.

You’re more than just a 3 digit credit score.

There is nothing more frustrating than being rejected or turned down for a mistake you made several years ago. Even more frustrating is being told “NO!” before you’ve had a chance to explain.
The unfortunate truth is most dealerships would prefer a good or great credit customer. When a customer with credit challenges tries to buy a car this often presents extra hurdles that some sales associates are unfamiliar with or simply don’t know how to properly handle. This can lead to a unpleasant and often fruitless effort.

That’s why our Sales Associates and Finance Managers go through training specifically focusing on handling credit issues. We also train our sales team to ask questions with the goal of finding a reason to say “Yes!”.

Let’s rebuild your credit. Together.

No one is immune to life’s surprises. We often see hard working, everyday people have their credit damaged by unforeseen circumstances. Whether you lost your job, went through a divorce, had an illness or simply fell on hard times our staff will do everything we can to help you get back on track.

Our approach is simple. We want to finance your future not your past. To achieve this we evaluate your current credit profile. Regardless of how good, bad or ugly we come up with a plan.
Although, individual plans may vary the goal is always the same: Match the customer with an affordable loan they can pay off over time. Auto loans are often referred to as “Installment Loans”, which can assist in rebuilding your credit.

“Your ability to pay installment accounts, in addition to others, shows credit bureaus that you’re responsible and diligent enough to plan your finances around all these different types of credit.” – NerdWallet

There is always a catch…

There is always a catch. Right?
There is always some hidden agenda the dealership has. Right?
You are right. There is a catch. We do have an agenda. We want to sell you more than one car. Matter of fact, we want to sell your friends and family their next car (we have competitive finance programs for people with great credit too).
We know that in order to achieve this hidden agenda, we have to treat you so well that you won’t even consider other dealers for your next purchase.

Find out how Cleveland Auto Wholesale can help you get approved and drive a vehicle you really like, not just one you have to settle for.

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